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Building the Airbnb of Camping

Building the Airbnb of Camping

Wildpoint's vision is to be the Airbnb of Camping. Wildpoint empowers private land owners to share their unique spaces with campers from all over the UK. I was the Founder, CEO & Creative director of Wildpoint, for 2 years, before stepping down.


With a vision as bold as Wildpoints, it was pivotal that we had an identity that reflected what we wanted to achieve in the camping industry. Wildpoint's logo has many meanings, whilst being simple enough that it could be remembered & drawn by people after interacting with the brand only once.


One of the reasons for founding Wildpoint, was due to the poor user experience offered by competitor camping directories. The future is user friendly, and we strived to build that future. There was a window of opportunity to create an incredible experience for users and through collaboration with an external agency, we built the Wildpoint UI and crafted the UX.


Social media is often the first touchpoint for engaging with your audience, and reaching first time users. It was key that our identity was reflective of the product we'd built.

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