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Social networking for foodies

Social networking for foodies

Yumayum is a social networking service and online community platform designed for food lovers. Yumayum is a passion project, but one that I very much believe should exist. I designed the brand & MVP mobile app.


As a consumer app Yumayum needs to be bold & identifiable. The vibrance of the colour palette is designed to reflect the fun nature of the app, with a simple, modern logotype. It's important for users to remember the name of the app, as one of the primary methods of growth would be through network effects. Presenting the name clearly with no room for misinterpretation reinforces this growth strategy.


Consumers have high expectations (and so they should) when it comes to consumer apps due to their experience when using popular well crafted apps like Uber & Airbnb. Yumayum has been designed to be an effortless experience for users. Utilising popular UI patterns such as card swiping.

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